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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Blugolds

$105,975 given by 625 members of the Blugold community to support students and programs affected by the COVID-19 crisis 

Your Generosity Has Been a Lifeline

May 07, 2020

As our semester comes to a close at UW-Eau Claire, I am grateful to reach out to you one last time to thank you for your support of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.


Because of you, more than 300 students have received emergency financial support.


Because of you, $120,000 has helped students pay rent, buy groceries, and afford the technology they need to participate in their virtual classes.


I also wanted to let you know that the university recently received a federal CARES Act grant to provide emergency assistance for students. Your generosity provided a lifeline for so many students who could not wait for these grant funds to arrive.


I've never been so proud of our Blugold family as I am now. Thank you again for being there for our students during this unprecedented time of need. 


With gratitude,

Kimera Way

President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation


P.S. Remaining funds in the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will be used to help students who do not qualify for assistance from the CARES Act grant, which requires specific eligibility to receive federal financial aid.


Hear from Cienna, a student that you supported with your donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund:


Emergency Grant Awardee Shares "Life as a Quarantined Blugold"

May 01, 2020

Connor Miller is a junior marketing major from Wausau, Wisconsin who would usually be spending his spring training with the Blugold football team or taking photos around campus as one of our university photographers.


Life has changed a lot for all of us, and Connor took to his writing to share “the new normal” of his daily routine in his Eau Claire apartment. You can read Connor’s Life as a Quarantined Blugold experiences to hear his perspectives on “making change your friend.” 


Connor received an emergency grant from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. It is thanks to you, the individuals who have supported this fund, that Connor—a natural extrovert AND optimist—is able to face the current challenge of the global pandemic and the social distancing that has accompanied it.


I can’t begin to tell you how much your aid helped me. Normally I am a student worker and pay my way through school that way. Between rent, food and life expenses, the money you gave is helping me to get through these uncertain times." 

-Connor Miller Junior Marketing Major

155 Blugolds have YOU to thank

April 28, 2020

Thanks to you, 155 students have received support from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.


Thanks to you, more than $61,000 has been awarded to help students pay rent, afford internet, and purchase laptops.


Unfortunately, the balance of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund is running low. So many students have lost jobs they depended on as their sole source of income, and with the next month of rent due soon, they need our help now. You've already been so generous during this difficult time. If you have the means and are willing, an additional gift to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will help Blugolds finish the semester strong. 


Thank you again for your support of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. The Blugold family remains strong because of your generosity.


Kimera Way

President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation


Watch the video below to hear from students that were supported by gifts to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Thanks for helping Greta finish her senior year.

April 20, 2020

You made it possible for Greta to finish her senior year at UW-Eau Claire (watch this video to hear from her!)


Greta's last semester on campus came to an abrupt end when all of her classes were moved to a virtual format. Her job as a manager at a local restaurant also ended unexpectedly when the business closed due to the COVID-19 crisis.


Without an income, she was left to figure out how she would afford to pay her rent, while also adjusting to virtual classes and working towards graduating in May. 


Thanks to you, Greta received a grant from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to pay her rent. 


Thanks to you, Greta will finish her last semester at UW-Eau Claire strong.


Thank you for supporting our students with your gift to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Your support means the world to students like Greta.


With gratitude,


Kimera Way

President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation 



Hear from Tyler, a student that YOU helped

April 10, 2020

As I continue to sign checks for students who can't afford to pay their rent or aren't sure how they will buy groceries, I am reminded how truly lucky our students are to have support from the Blugold community.


More than 75 students have received help with COVID-19 related expenses so far. As we receive more applications every day, the need for this fund is increasingly apparent.


I encourage you to watch the video below to hear from Tyler, a student who has received support from the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. There are many others like him, and they are all incredibly grateful for your support and consideration. 


With gratitude,


Kimera Way

President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation 



The need is clear, thank you for your support.

April 03, 2020

Blugold community,


It has been two weeks since I first asked for your support of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. I have been absolutely astounded by the outpouring of support from Blugolds around the country.


The need for this emergency fund is clear. Applications for financial support have been pouring in, and we've started mailing checks to students in need.


You've helped a student who didn't have home internet access afford it so he could participate in his virtual classes.


You've supported a student who was laid off from her job pay for her rent and utilities because her parents have also experienced COVID-19 related hardships and are unable to help her. 


Thank you for your generous gift to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Please know that you've had—and will continue to have—an immediate impact on students in need.


Kimera Way

President, UW-Eau Claire Foundation


P.S. I also want to share that the university is doing what it can to support alumni in need. Career Services resources are available to alumni, such as career counseling and access to our job board platform. 



Celebrating Blugold Friday in a New Way!

March 27, 2020

Fridays at UW-Eau Claire are known as “Blugold Fridays.” While this usually means that students, staff, and faculty don their blue and gold gear and hope to come across Blu, the campus’ mascot, Blugold Friday takes on a new meaning when we are able to celebrate the kindness and generosity of all who have supported the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for our students.


As of the morning of March 27, 271 members of the Blugold community have donated $40,750 to support students affected by COVID-19. We have so much Blugold gratitude for all who have stepped forward to support students who need assistance now more than ever before.


As you can imagine there are thousands of students affected in different ways by the pandemic. The Dean of Students Office has established a process for students seeking temporary, short-term, and financial assistance, and students can fill out the form to describe their needs and request assistance here.


Now more than ever, Blugolds fly together!

WOW--One weekend and $30,000 in!

March 23, 2020

WOW! We asked, and YOU answered.


In just a weekend, you helped us raise over $30,000 to support the students who are most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Your gifts will make an impact on the students who are no longer able to work and need financial support NOW to buy their groceries for the next few weeks. Your gifts will bolster students who had their study abroad experiences drawn to a halt as they were asked to return to the U.S. Your gifts will support students who are worried about paying their rent for the next few months because their families are facing unexpected financial hardships.


We continue to seek your support for the students most directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Please help us even further by sharing this page with Blugolds who may not have seen it yet, or with your friends and family who know about the transformative experience that UW-Eau Claire provides to its students.


THANK YOU for all the ways that you are bringing our UW-Eau Claire students through the pandemic and helping them to come out stronger on the other side.


Blugolds fly together, and we are so grateful for your support.