COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Blugolds

$44,975 given by 294 members of the Blugold community to support students and programs affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund for Blugolds

We'll get through this together. 

The Coronavirus crisis presents a challenge unlike anything UW-Eau Claire has faced before.

In-person classes are suspended through the end of the semester and commencement has been postponed until Fall. The Coronavirus is impacting our students, and not just because of disrupted classes...

Many of our students work one or more jobs that no longer exist because of closures on campus and in the community. This is devastating their incomes at a time when their families are facing financing challenges as well. 

Every day we are hearing from families who are not sure how they will keep their student in school. We are hearing from students who can't go home because one of their family members is vulnerable to the virus, and they aren't sure how they will continue to pay for housing and groceries.

There are many challenges that the Blugold community will need to overcome together, and you can make a difference with your donation today.

Fortunately, Blugolds are coming together to support one another. With your help, we can support students and programs that are impacted financially by the COVID-19 crisis.

The UW-Eau Claire Foundation established the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to provide support to students and programs that have been impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. From plane tickets home from a foreign country to providing support for students who are unable to work due to disruptions caused by the virus, your donation ensures that the Blugold community continues to thrive.

Your gift, no matter the amount, will help UW-Eau Claire students and programs overcome the challenges that have been presented as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

We are a Blugold family made stronger by supporters like you – thank you for your consideration!

Visit the university's website for more information about UW-Eau Claire's response to the COVID-19 outbreak.