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Current students, faculty and staff seeking funds for specific university projects are eligible to use the UW-Eau Claire Foundation's Crowdfunding platform pending application review and project approval by the UW-Eau Claire Foundation. 


This application will be used to evaluate your project's suitability for crowdfunding. 


Note: Only projects submitted by current UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff members will be considered.



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Tell us about your project

What is your affiliation with UW-Eau Claire?*

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What is your UW-Eau Claire Department, program or student organization affiliation?*

What is your desired fundraising goal? (Suggested range is $1,000-$10,000)*

Note: The Foundation staff may work with you to re-work your goal.

Do you need these funds by a specific date? If so, please list your deadline. Optional


Why do you think you will be successful in achieving your goal?*

If you do not reach your goal, are still able to proceed with your project?*

If you do not reach your goal, how will you use the funds that were raised?*

Does your group have an existing account with the Foundation for depositing funds?*

Who is your target audience for your Crowdfunding project? Please tell us approximately how many email addresses you have for potential donors.*

Note: You must solicit your personal network of family, friends, colleagues, etc. to be successful!

Will you provide perks or benefits to donors?*

If so, please describe.

How many people will help you run this campaign?*

We suggest having a team of at least 3-5 people to champion your project.

What is your plan to promote your campaign? Please list how you will communicate with potential donors, key dates, etc.*

Do you have video content that can be used to promote your project on the platform?*

If you do not have existing video content, are you able to create a short video for your project page? Optional

Note: Videos do not need to be professionally done. They can be created using iPhones, tablets, etc.

Do you have photos that can be used on your project page?*

If you do not have existing photos, are you able to produce photos to add to your project page? Optional

What other assets do you have that will help you develop your Crowdfunding page and promote your campaign?*

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