Mentored Student Research

$21,460 raised to support the future of student research at UW-Eau Claire!

Mentored Student Research

Give now to secure the future of student research at UW-Eau Claire and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar!

We're asking you to give to support mentored student research, and here's why:

Participation in research with a mentor has proven to have a significant positive impact on a student's educational experience, both in college and beyond.  From learning to solve real-world questions and problems to developing strong critical thinking and communication skills, the benefits of working on a mentored research project in college are priceless.

The downside? Research isn't free. Materials, equipment and travel all come at a cost; student and mentor time are valuable. And, many students cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses that may come along with their research experience, such as travel to offsite research locations or to present their research results at regional and national conferences. That's where you come in.

Your gift to the Mentored Student Research Endowment gives students the opportunity to build their skill-set by tackling real problems and questions that are important to society. And an additional bonus! If you give now your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar.  From studying the potential for contamination of a family member by a cancer patient's drugs to examining how smart phones affect mental health and sleep patterns to exploring how groundwater contamination spreads, students truly make an impact through their research.  But no matter what the research focus, they learn valuable skills and gain confidence in their abilities that they carry into the workplace and into society.

Give now so that all students, no matter their background or financial situation, have an opportunity to participate in research at UW-Eau Claire. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar until we reach $25,000!

With your help, Blugolds will continue to change lives (their own and others') for years to come.


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